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SDFCL has a very strong emphasis on quality throughout the organization and at all levels of operations. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance department to audit, as well as develop quality procedures and functions. Our documentations are devised to ensure complete traceability of all our processes. Our ultramodern QC labs are equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipments to facilitate accurate and reproducible impurity profiles up to trace levels.
  Currently our labs are fully equipped to analyse, entire spectrum of impurities: chemical
as well as biological.
  Our Major Quality Control Equipments include :
GC-MS Shimadzu QP 2010 1
Gas Chromatography Hewlett Packard Series 5890 2
Perkin Elmer with ECD / TCD / FID 2
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer  
a) Varian - Cary 1E 1
b) Schimadzu 2
AAS Perkin Elmer 1
HPLC Hewelett Packard / HPLC Hewlett Packard / Agilent 2
FT-Intra Red SpectrophotFT-Infra Red Spectrophotometer Nicolett 1
Karl Fisher Titrator Digital Automatic 4
Viscometer Brookfield - LVDV II+ 1