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Custom / Contract Manufacturing
 With a view to strengthening our manufacturing operations, and exploring new opportunities for growth, the company has constructed a state-of-the-art PLC SCADA Multi – Product Plant (MPP) for producing fine / specialty chemicals. The MPP manufacturing capacity is designed to address semi – bulk requirements of our customers, ranging from 50 kgs to a few tons. The MPP is operated by our technical staff having many years of experience in handling difficult reactions, as well as multi – step synthesis. The MPP is very versatile in its operations, and has the capability to carry out wide range of reactions, involving all phases of media such as: solid – liquid, liquid – liquid, liquid – gas, etc. The entire plant can operate under vacuum or inert atmosphere, to facilitate handling, and production of air sensitive, and potentially hazardous entities. The entire plant is under environment control, with near zero emission of pollutants. Moreover, the facility is specifically designed to carry out reactions which require accurate control of process conditions. The matrix of the MPP PLC SCADA, through a network of pneumatically actuated controllers, manages a wide array of parameters, for both: utilities, and in-process, which are essential for safe, accurate, and reproducible multi-step synthesis.
  The entire Production batch cycle is monitored and, controlled in real time, by data acquisition of all relevant process variables such as: RPM, time, temperature, weight, pressure, vacuum etc., which are also recorded in real time. This enables the MPP to document all reaction conditions with precision and therefore comply with most, customer, as well as, regulatory / statutory requirements.This plant is now FDA approved and GMP certified Vide License No. KD – 40, GMP/318/09/2-6. pacer.gif" height="15" width="1" />
  SCADA / PLC Operated'
  Plant Under Environment Control-Zero Emission
  Process From - 10˚C to 260˚C / from - 1 bar to 60 bar
  Flexibility for relatively small to bulk scale.